National Games

Welcome to the Games

Welcome to the AYSO National Games 2014 hosted by Section One in Torrance and Riverside, California.  Here you find the latest information related to game schedules, match results, field maps and, if you are here as a Referee, your match assignments.

From the menus above, you may look up schedules by site, by division or by team.  You may look up the latest match results in a similar way. Maps to all of the Torrance and Riverside fields in these 2014 National Games are just a click away.


This year we will be using the same ZAYSO system that was used at 2012 AYSO National Games. Referees will need to create a Zayso account before you post availability and get assignments for the 2014 games.

If you have already created an account, click here to login to review your account or update your plans.

Thanks for coming to the 2014 AYSO National Games!